Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System

It seems too obvious to define central vacuum. It is in fact what it seems, a central vacuum system. But like the master cleaning unit, hidden from view, the real power and benefit of a central vacuum is in the hidden benefits of convenience and, more importantly, allergy control.
In the last twenty years, houses have been built tighter, wrapped in special insulation, and

more technically closed to create an internal house environment that is more easily managed for temperature.

This has lead, however, to trapped smoke, odors and other contaminants indoors.
Installing the proper central vacuum system not only eases the burden of regular house cleaning, but increases the opportunity to improve indoor air quality, removing dirt, dust, mites, pollen, dander and other allergens and carrying them away to a canister totally removed from your living space.

A central vacuum system is the ultimate convenience in the Home Integration Solution.

Nutone VX Series
Re-Shaping The Central Vacuum Industry
Now, noise is suppressed better than ever before. Our revolutionary new internal sounds suppression system deadens sound to a comfortable level - no external muffler is required! What's more, our new quick-mount installation brackets minimize vibration.

Convenient Installation
Left or right hand intake ports simplify new or retrofit installations. The slim profile lets the tank fit in tight corners.
VX475 - 3.000 sq. ft.
VX550 - 6.000 sq. ft.
VX1000 - 12.000 sq. ft.

DuoVac Signature Series

Duo Vac strives to be the world leader in innovation, design and production of central vacuum systems that improves the end user overall experience. Our products are the most practical, performing and durable of our industry.

We achieve this by:

  • Improving our consumer understanding on a continuous basis;
  • Investing and innovating to improve our consumer proposition and enhance consumer’s experience;
  • Expanding our distribution in new ways, making our products increasingly more available;
  • Working in partnership with our distribution network to help them become more successful;
  • Delivering profitable & sustainable growth, through full commitment of management, employees and directors;
  • Building a team of well rounded highly performing individuals thriving in a stimulating environment.
Hoover Hush Series
Strong suction and surprisingly quiet operation make this heavy-duty steel vacuum the ideal tool for keeping garages and workshops spick and span. Powered by a 12-amp motor, robust airflow inside the tank keeps dirt from adhering to the Airwash self-cleaning filter. Combined with Hoover's unique E-Z Empty design, this means no messy cleanup, and no bags and filters to buy or replace. The rugged, crush-proof hose is 30 feet long, easily reaching across a garage and into cars, while the wall-mount tank stays in place. No special exhaust vents or electrical lines are needed for this vacuum, so installation is a snap: simply mount on the included storage bracket and start cleaning. The six-foot power cord is designed to stay safely plugged in, and the five-gallon tank features enough capacity to clean up the toughest mess. A set of seven attachments serves every possible cleaning need, including two extension wands, two crevice tools, a floor nozzle, upholstery nozzle for car seats, and dusting brush for dashboards and dusty workbenches. A canvas organizer hangs from the hose storage rack to keep attachments neatly stored away.
  • Rugged, high-capacity, bagless vacuum for workshop or garage
  • Heavy-duty, all-steel construction; lifetime self-cleaning filter means no bags or filters to replace
  • Powerful but quiet 12-amp motor
  • Includes 7 cleaning attachments: 2 extension wands, 2 crevice tools, 1 floor nozzle, 1 upholstery nozzle, and 1 dusting brush
  • 5-gallon tank and 30-foot hose; weighs 30 pounds; 3-year manufacturer warranty

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