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Smarthome Ideas carries many different remote control for your home please let us know what brand and model number and we will order it for you and we will program it as well

Remote Control
Remote Controls
Remote Control

Look at any number of standard universal remote controls and you’re likely to note one similarity: a cluster of buttons at the top, each labelled with a different component type. “TV”, “VCR”, “DVD”, “DSS”... anyone who’s ever used a remote will be familiar with the device-based control concept, where you hit the button corresponding to the device you want to use, do whatever needs to be done, and then press a different button to switch to the next component.

This approach may be the overwhelming industry standard, appearing on practically every remote control ever designed, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to operate your home theater – or even the best way. If you’re tired of the whole device surfing routine and are looking for something a little different... even possibly better...

Remote Control You’ve seen them in big box electronic stores and in the “audio video” area of discount retailers. You may have even seen them in the impulse purchase section of your favorite grocery store. They’re those inexpensive preprogrammed universal remotes, hermetically sealed in clear plastic and stacked ten deep on wire pegs. Popular brand names in big type emblazon the packages: GE, One For All, Philips/Magnavox, Radio Shack, RCA, Sony, Zenith and more. Most are priced under $20 – a seemingly unbeatable bargain in the struggle against remote control clutter.
Remote Control

Computers aren’t just for work or games anymore. No siree, the computer industry has its eyes fixed firmly on the home theater industry – just take a look at some of the non-computing products coming out from Gateway or even Dell. Eventually, they’d like the personal computer to become an essential part of any home media room. A merging of audio, video and processing power?
The transformation is already well underway. The latest generation of powerful, quiet and compact computers can be the centerpiece of a superior home theater, or even act as a complete audio/video system.

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