Smarthome Ideas Designs

Our Design Team at Smarthome Ideas are Knowledgeable about home automation integration and installation of all kind of home controls.
We design our own control boxes from scratch and we will educate you on how things work.... just let us know your inquiry.

Home Lighting Controls Ideas
> Lighting System Ideas:
Automate your home lighting practiced in demanding commercial applications, all with a simple touch.

Home Theater Ideas
> Entertainment Ideas:
Enjoy a fully automated entertainment  with your home surround system of audio and vido .all at the tip of your finger.

Home Central Vacuum Ideas
> Central Vacuume Ideas:
It seems too obvious to define central vacuum. It is in fact what it seems, a central vacuum system. But like the master cleaning unit.

Home Remote Control Ideas
> Remote Control Ideas:
We carry a wide variety of remote controls to suit your automation needs. We are specialized in X10 and touch screen panels...

Home Camera System DVR Systems Ideas
> Camera System Ideas:
Surveillance cameras "DVR" system will give you assurance to monitor every corner of your automated home. 

Home HVAC System Ideas
> HVAC System Ideas:
Too cold?......too hot?......
control the entire temperature and climate by calling home, design to suit your existing HVAC.

Home Voice Control Ideas
> Voice Control Ideas:
We will program a voice command software system to control the entire home, turn on lights, sprinklers, entertainment...

Home Networking Ideas
> Networking Ideas:
We will will provide networking of your computers in your home or office with wireless connections.

Home Automation Controlers
> Controller Ideas:
We offer variety of affordable control system module to control all and every system throughout the home.

Home Water System Ideas:
> Water System Ideas:
We are talking about water softners, Irrigation systems, water leaking devices which it will help you to save on your water bill..

Home Multi Room Ideas
> Multi Room Ideas:
To accomodate each member of the family in any room, This unit allow rooms to operate indipendently.
Let us help you with ideas.

> phone Systems Ideas:
We will install a phone system with speaker ready to accomodate multiple users with designated voice mail for two or more lines.

Home Structured Wiring
> Wiring System Ideas:
Safe wiring and cable is crucial to the foundation of a Smart Home. We will ensure to use structured  wiring such as cat 5e, RG6.

Home Solar Energy Ideas
> Solar Ideas:
Our solar system are designed to meet your every need when it comes to quality product with Hitech Installation. We know what to do.

Smart Home Appliances
> Appliance Ideas:
An important component of smart homes is the ability of the home to monitor and control devices in the environment. To make this possible.

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