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You ask... What Is Automation?

Well... Automation is about adding comfort, security, convenience and energy savings to your life. It is the remotely operated ( remote control) and automatic controlling such as entertainment, lighting, security system, appliances, Internet/Networking, H.V.A.C system, irrigation/water system, spa and pool , and many other related systems in your home. These systems are very easy to use in any level of automation and it can be installed fast.

Full Automated home means to making your home work for you, it will saves you time, money and simplifying your life as much as possible. you can do many things with home automation, you can have the outside light comes on when its dark and turn off when its daylight or watch what is going on with surveillance cameras around your house when you are not home via internet and it can be recorded in to PC when there is a motion or movement, it can be as sophisticated as having all of the systems in your entire home automatically controlled according to time of day, day of week.
And of course security is also an very important part of automating your home from beginning.

It can be as simple as automatic control of outside security lights that come on at dusk and shut off at dawn. Or your home's exterior and interior lights, and your stereo, can all come on for you when you signal your garage door to open, so you don't ever have to enter a dark house again. Or or personal presence in a room, and with voice control, too. Remote and automatic lighting control, heating and air conditioning control, and drapery control are very popular tools for realizing significant energy savings as well as convenience.

Why walk into a dark home when your lights (exterior and interior) can automatically come on when you press your remote garage door opener or Why come into a hot or cold home when you can enjoy the automated hvac and can be controlled by internet, home phone, intercom, it will adjust automatically before your arrival.
When you like to watch movie with one button you can do many commands like closing drapes, lights to 28%, over head lights off, DVD on, Amplifier system on, TV or overhead projector on, security on (except in viewing area), hvac to 73 comfortable level, phone system off or if you choose you can see the caller id on tv or if some one ring from out side you can view automatically.

The benefits of an automated home are limited only by your imagination.

Information Applicances - Smarter Than We Think

In home automation, one's toaster, television, and coffee pot are no longer simply household appliances, they become information appliances capable of processing data and making decisions. Even today's standard home appliances contain some sophisticated electronics, a fact that surprises many people. Perhaps the only missing ingredient in unlocking the true power of these devices is networking:

"The average middle-class American household already has around 40 microprocessors, in cell phones, microwave ovens, self-focusing cameras, and the like. Furthermore, many of these microprocessors are astonishingly powerful. For example, the latest game consoles have more processing power than the supercomputers of a decade ago.
However, this power is hidden from the users, who see only a simple interface designed to provide just the basic functionality the device is designed for. ... What is still lacking is the pervasive communication system that will link them together."
"The Visible Problems of the Invisible Computer" (1999)

Despite the lack of standard networking, early examples of practical automation are beginning to appear in homes in large numbers. Wealthy individuals like Bill Gates have enjoyed full-featured home automation for years, but the cost of the individual gadgets, at least, are gradually dropping into the reach of mainstream consumers

The life of the Jetsons is no longer a futuristic fantasy. The smart house, bristling with state of the art technology, is very much here and now. Levels of convenience, security and enjoyment you thought were merely a dream in the distance are very much a reality.

Comfort, security and peace of mind. These are all goals we set out to achieve when developing the technology to move your home out of the past and into the future.

Imagine a hi-fi system that breathes beautiful music throughout the rooms of your house. Or a home cinema system completely integrated into your favourite room. Or phones, security systems, irrigation systems and air conditioning systems controlled through a simple keypad.

Consider the following scenarios:

A person rings your doorbell. Sitting in the study, your television immediately displays the image from the security camera mounted over the door. Seeing it is your neighbour, you remotely open the door.

On your way home from work and ready to begin a relaxing evening, you select "Entertainment" from the touchpad. Immediately, the lights dim, the shades close and the piano begins playing in concert with the CD player. A few minutes later, you walk in the door to the perfect atmosphere.

Scenes from the future? No - this is the world of Smart Home Ideas for today's life style.

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