Home Appliances
Internet Controlled Oven and Refrigerator
TMIO's 30-inch wall oven allows you to program meals so that they're finished cooking by the time you get home. It refrigerates the food prior to cooking then turns on at the programmed time. The timer can be set with a cell phone or computer if you're away from home.

Refrigerator with detachable TV and FM Radio

LG offers a side-by-side refrigerator with a detachable touchscreen TV and FM radio.
Model: LRSC26980
Video Door Answering System
Broan NuTone's answering system offers hands-free security and media access in a compact unit. It's equipped with two cameras for monitoring both the front and back doors. You can also answer and make telephone calls from the hands-free speakerphone.

LA Solar Energy Solar Solutions

Pro Green Company
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