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Who We Are :

We are Palm Springs and Los Angeles based company " pro GREEN earth" We help our clients to achiave a comfortable and GREEN home with close to zero pollution by utilizing home automation devices, solar power and tips and guidlines of what to do and what not to do. We offer many energy saving devices and home control devices to insure of your comfort, safty and a stylish lifestyle while you are at home.

As technology grows everyday in our lives weather we are ready or not, one thing we know is, communication and information is part of our daily lives and its here to stay. We give you the best  Ideas how can be done.
Our main objective of Delivering electrical, video/audio/voice/data signals to any place in the house is with cabling and wiring, The most reliable form of delivering around pure signals such as HDTV, THX Systems, HDMI and that can be done by proper wiring and/or cabling.

Our Mission :

Our mission is basic, simple and directive to help our planet "earth" to heal and revive it self from man made pollution that has been caused a Global Warming and air pollutions of all sorts, this elements are environmentally destructive to men kind and the planet earth that we live on, it's shame that most of the companies Involve of how to make more profit for them selves rather than coming up with a solid solutions of how can we beocme a PRO GREEN COMPANY and make a environmentally friendly product that is, A=eco friendly B=profitable enough to sustain earth, them selves and others and not to go over board.

We like it or not we have a problem, and we need to deal with it, because, first of all we made it to get to this point, second of all earth is loosing it's sustanability and you know what is that mean for us as humans who live here on this planet maybe not in our life time but our kids life time, they never ask for such a thing,,,, We called that a individual responsibilities for such,we as a company and individuals within the company feel responsible to do something about it at our end, and WE ARE. again, our mission is the first line of this stetment.

keep it GREEN, keep it Beautiful as ever.

Gases and chemical that filled our air that we breath is changing our temperature and sea water level are rising and as a result we will have more rain, earth quick’s and other devastations on the planet and we feel as a company responsible to answer the call.
We are here to advocate, educate and make people aware of this disastrous pollutions Smarthome Ideas proud to be a GREEN friendly company ....READ MORE >>>

What is SOLAR energy?

Sun has been shining for billions of years and there is no reason why it should not continue. In this sense it comes closer to being an inexhaustible source than any other practical possibility. Solar energy has become increasingly popular because it is conceived as clean and safe.

The energy of the sun can be used in many ways. When plants grow, they store the energy of the sun. Then, when we burn those plants, the energy is released in the form of heat. This is an example of indirect use of solar energy.

The form we are interested in is directly converting the sun's rays into a usable energy

Solar Panel

source: electricity. This is accomplished through the use of "solar collectors," or, as they are more commonly known as, "solar panels."

There are two ways in which solar power can be converted to energy. The first, known as "thermal applications"
involve using the energy of the sun to directly heat air or a liquid. The second, known as"photoelectric applications" involve the use of photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy directly to electricity.
Solar power has an exciting future ahead of it. Because solar power utilizes the sun's light, a ubiquitous resource (a resource that is everywhere), solar panels can be attached to moving objects, such as automobiles, and can even be used to power those objects. Solar powered cars are being experimented with more and more frequently now.
...READ MORE >>>


Home automation is simplified all about control electrical, electronics, security and entertainment at a touch of a finger, all working from remote control.

Home Automation is all about transforming your existing home to an automated home to suite your living style, bring comfort and safety and the most important  creating a peace of mind knowing that your home is secure while you are home or away and family and loved ones are safe and sound. 
With a minimal cost, you can  transform your home to be fully automated, save energy and  high utility bills.  This is our gift to you to do your share to SAVE THE PLANET.
We will share our brilliant ideas on "how to" build an automated and a SMART home.

We offer variety of services in home automation, security systems, voice activated system and much more.

SHI Control unit

Let us build you a Smart and Automated home to enjoy a peaceful surrounding, simple,  yet a state-of-the-art technology home by distributing multiple signals to any rooms in your home to operate T.V., Camera, Video, Phone, CATV, DSS Systems, Multi-Room Audio, and PC networking and wifi "wireless" system Internet services, all at your command and a push of a button.
Imagine turn on and off, lights, security system and even  the sprinkler system by a voice command, even miles away from home.
Take the first step,  automate your home  to gain a peaceful and comfortable living style.

You will enjoy your new way of living by making your Home, Smart by distributing any signals to any rooms in your home such as TV signal, Camera, Video, Phone System, CATV, DSS Systems, Multi-Room Audio, and PC networking and wifi "wireless" system. Internet services and many more....READ MORE >>>


Have you ever wanted to change the world?
Now is your chance. Over 85% of Americans
today express concern about health and the
environment, but only a small fraction say
they know where to begin.

Whether you are concerned about climate
change, personal health, or just want to live
a little more lightly on the planet, we offer few Ideas of how to make your home more GREEN friendly, We are here to help.

By the way some of this green homes cost less than what you think, let us help you to discover green living.


We as a company like to encourage people to live green life and we have came with this Ideas of how you can contribute to help our planet.

Try the followings:
1) Change your Mind about old planet
2) Recycle 24/7
3) Participate in your local earth friendly group
4) Do Volunteering work for earth on internet
5) Conserve as much as possible
6) Always use pro green friendly product
7) Support legislation concerning Global Worming
8) Teach your Kids about the planet
9) Contribute financially for a good cause
10) Live Green Friendly Life...


So you ask,,,,
We humans participate in air pollution in many ways which one of them called releasing Carbon monoxide in to the air and created in a gas formation that they get trapped in air’s atmosphere and create this shelter of carbon monoxide and when sun shines trough, heat of that sun gets locked-in for some times until there is any way found to make this gases escape from air’s atmosphere as a cause earth’s temperature start rising and the sea level has been rising at an average of 1 to 2 mm per year for the past 100 years, which is more than the 900 years before that.....         


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Automate your home lighting system with PLC or ALC systems and SHI Designs carries verity of brands to saute your needs...
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SOLAR Ideas:
We offer environmental friendly solar product for all kind of projects for your home our main mission is to make every home a GREEN home.

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